Hume Pipe Co Ltd


Hume Pipe is a registered company in Zimbabwe having been in operation since 1947. Reinforced concrete pipes are manufactured using the centrifugal spin process. This process was developed and patented in Australia in 1910 by Mr. W.R Hume. Over the years manufacturing of concrete pipes have developed to effective and efficient ways. Hence Hume Pipe purchased state of the art Pedershaab pipe machine from Denmark to satisfy the ever-growing demand for our products. We boast of having the biggest plant in Southern Africa, the Koala Park being the hub of the new technology coupled with a lab to ensure that all concrete products meet the required standards as set by SAZ and ISO boards. Birmingham and Bulawayo branch are currently using the spun process producing the same quality and strength.

Our motto being, ‘our strength is concrete, concrete is our DNA’ we took a step further and acquired a computerized brick and paver plant producing 80 000 units per 8hr shift. We also pre cast shelverts, manhole rings, electrical poles, kerb stones, box valves, New Jersey barriers, washing tubs, slats and lay by seats.
With a desire to reduce cost of production Hume Pipe purchased a 70% stake in Atlanta quarry now known as Hume Quarry, a vast range of aggregates are mined at the quarry which is located at No 1 Kirkman Drive Rainham Farm, Tynwald Harare. The quarry supplies Hume Pipe with aggregates used in the pre casting of our concrete products. It also supplies aggregates to both individuals and construction companies.



Bringing hope in the rehabilitation of roads, bridges, sewers, infrastructure development with the use of bricks, pavers and quarry products.


Manufactures of quality products, focusing on being the organization that the community goes to for precast concrete products, the benchmark and pace setter in precast concrete engineering in Zimbabwe by 2022.


Support and add value to our community


Our strength is concrete, concrete is our DNA!!!